Tips for Selecting a Virgin Mobile Payment Plan

Virgin Mobile offers their customers more than one way to pay for service. This ensures that each service subscriber has as much flexibility as they need with regards to paying for monthly service. If you wish to pay for service as you use it, or pay in advance, there are options. Whether you are a new customer that is ordering a device and service for the first time, or an existing customer, the following tips can help you to understand your payment options.

The first option we’ll discuss is the Pay Monthly plan. This plan typically requires that you agree to a service contract and a credit check. There are some attractive deals offered to new customers who sign up for this type of plan, and these may include a free or discounted device. A credit check is necessary, but it is possible to be approved while having less than perfect credit. If you have any questions about this type of plan, contact Virgin Mobile and speak with a support agent. Help is available for the application process.

Pay As You Go is the alternative for those who do not have a good credit score, or simply wish to have more control over their service. With this plan, subscribers are not subjected to a monthly bill that can fluctuate with usage. Instead, they pay one price for service and cannot exceed the limits of the service plan that they have. Payment for service must be made in advance of service being provided, and there are many different ways to pay, including online. Phones for Pay As You Go service are available and can be purchased online.

Mobile broadband service is offered and does not require that you purchase a device. It is possible to get Wi-Fi for all of your devices, ensuring that you are always connected while on the go. When an instant Wi-Fi hotspot is ordered, up to 10 different devices can be connected at one time. This device is portable (pocket size) and can be taken wherever you wish. Plans start at 500MB of data per month and go up to 8GB of data. If you have questions about mobile broadband costs, contact Virgin Mobile customer service.

Virgin Mobile offers not only smartphones, but tablets as well. These too can be ordered on a monthly or pre-paid plan. If you already own a device that you would like to continue to use, contact Virgin Mobile and ask about their SIM service. It may be possible to connect your device to their network and only pay for the service, rather than having to purchase an entirely new device. Currently, 30-day SIM only deals start from just £5 a month and do not require any long-term contract.